Cynghorwyr – Councillors

Cyng. / Cllr Auriol Williams (Cadeirydd / Chairman)

Cyng. / Cllr Lloyd Jenkins (Is-Gadeirydd / Vice Chairperson)

Cyng. / Cllr Des Davies

Cyng. / Dilwyn Jenkins

Cyng. / Cllr Lyn Jones

Cyng. / Cllr Eurig Lloyd

Cyng. / Cllr Matthew Morgan

Cyng. / Cllr Llinos Price

Cyng. / Cllr Delyth Phillips

Cyng. / Cllr Peter Williams

Cyng. / Cllr Clive Davies
(Aelod Lleol Cyngor Sir Ceredigion
Local Member of Ceredigion County Council)

Clerc y Cyngor / Clerk to the Council:  Mrs Melanie Davies

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